Fresh or Frozen: Would You Buy Two Year Old Meat?

Why is fresh meat better than frozen? This is something we get asked all the time. Whilst be believe that freezing meat is fine, we deliver our meat fresh, not frozen. One of the main reasons is buying frozen meat means you don’t know how long it's been frozen for. The industry standard is that meat is consumable for up to 2 years after freezing, however the meat will deteriorate month by month. So when buying frozen meat you could be buying meat up to 2 years old! 

We choose to sell only the very best fresh meat, meaning you have the option to freeze it yourself and the knowledge of how long it’s been in your freezer. We believe that up to six months is optimum, after that the meat will begin to deteriorate. On top of this, when meat freezes ice crystals form inside the cell and puncture the cell walls; that's the moisture leaking out when you defrost. Although the meat is still perfectly good, it's not the very best it can be, so it is always better to enjoy fresh when you can. Give yourself the flexibility and peace of mind by buying your meat fresh.