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  • The World Steak Challenge

    The World Steak Challenge

    What does it take to be in the World Steak Challenge!? Quite a lot.

    We have just submitted our entries into the World Steak Challenge – ribeye, sirloin, and fillet. We have taken this challenge...

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  • Native Breed: Highland Cattle

    Native Breed: Highland Cattle

    The Highland Coo is the animal that is most associated with Scotland (unicorns aside!), and is the next breed featured in our Native Cattle series. Its distinctive, fluffy appearance has made it a staple...

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  • Sausage and Lentil Stew

    Sausage and Lentil Stew

    As the days get slightly cooler, we seek out warming, comforting dishes.

    Ellie, from the blog @ellie.eatseverything has put together this delicious Sausage and Lentil Stew using John Gilmour...

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  • Native Breed Cattle: Hereford

    Native Breed Cattle: Hereford

    We’re moving a little bit further south for the next installment of our Native Breed cattle: The Hereford.

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  • Spicy, Sticky Gochujang Meatballs

    Spicy, Sticky Gochujang Meatballs

    We often get asked for recipes, especially with our pork mince. Many of us go for a staple weeknight meal – but we thought you’d all love this creative recipe by blogger @ellie.eatseverything....

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  • Native Breed Cattle: Belted Galloway

    Native Breed Cattle: Belted Galloway

    The next installment of our native breed cattle series had to be the Belted Galloway. Charmingly nicknamed the Oreo cow for its unusual pattern of black – white – black (although it can...

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  • The Glasgow Diet: Mushroom and Peppercorn Chicken

    The Glasgow Diet: Mushroom and Peppercorn Chicken

    We are so thrilled to share this gorgeous recipe by Amy, The Glasgow Diet. Amy is one of Scotland’s most well-known food bloggers, reviewing local restaurants and creating dishes using local produce.


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  • Native Breed Cattle: Aberdeen Angus

    Native Breed Cattle: Aberdeen Angus

    We had such a great response to our brief post about Aberdeen Angus cattle, and from this we decided to give you a bit more information about the native breeds that we have in Scotland, and that we...

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  • Italian Meatball Recipe

    Italian Meatball Recipe


    We love using our high-quality meats for all kinds of recipes. This time we wanted to share a traditional Italian Meatball recipe (Polpette), that uses two of our classics: pork and beef...

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