Native Cattle Series: Luing Cattle

Did you know we had this many native cattle breeds in the UK?! This one is very close to home with the Luing breed of cattle.

The Breed

The history of the Luing breed is one that is extremely well known. The Cadzow brothers on the Isle of Luing in Argyll wanted to bring together the qualities of two other British breeds – the Shorthorn and the Highland Cow.

The Shorthorn was admired for the quality of its meat, while the Highland cow is incredibly hardy and easily copes with the difficult weather. With the rugged weather of western Scotland – these two breeds represented the best of both worlds. 

Therefore, in the 1950s, they selected the best specimens of the breed and created the Luing. This breed is now popular across the UK, but also in South America, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and many more.

They come in various colours, although the most desirable are red, roans and yellows. While strictly speaking they are a crossbreed, they can be purebreds or crossbreeds with other native or European cattle. They’re excellent breeders, with efficient calf production. Further, they required less costly feeding than the average, and cope well with adverse conditions.

The Meat

The meat of the Luing breed combine the best quality of their two ancestors. The fat and marbling from the Shorthorn and its commercial abilities with the marbling and hardiness of the Highlanders.

Their meat is used extensively throughout the UK, and is considered a fine cut. The meat is juicy with marbling throughout and perfect for steaks.