Why is it important to buy local?

We have always believed in the ‘buy local’ mantra, and even more so once COVID hit. In the last few years, many people have felt the same way as we do, pushing the #supportlocal movement, especially when it comes to meat. 

We know - buying from a local butcher is often more expensive than going to large supermarket. There are a few reasons why we stand by our quality though, and why we think it’s important to buy local – for meat, but for the wider economy too!

Quality – a pretty straight forward reason. Our meat is local, free-range, and grass fed – which makes a huge difference in terms of flavour and quality. Buying local means, in our case, means fresher meat that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf.

Our Scottish (and overall British) weather is far more suited to growing grass than it is for growing crops. From a meat perspective, the culture that we have of free-range, grass-fed livestock is the ultimate recipe for great quality produce. East Lothian is often referred to as the “garden of Scotland” due to the rich arable farming land that makes up the county, it also has some of the best cattle producing farms in the world, that we often buy from. For a list of other incredible businesses local to East Lothian, visit Scotland’s Food and Drink County – East Lothian.

From this - a local eco-system is made, all working together to support a community. Local farmers, butchers and other suppliers like us, hospitality businesses, and households keep this community going, and we think our money is best kept supporting these people and businesses.

By supporting local farmers and supplying our local community with meat, we are also lowering food miles. All of our farmers are British, mostly Scottish, which means that your meat is coming from just a short way away, reducing travel time, cost and pollution. 

For more about our history and our connections to East Lothian, click here.