Recipe by Lauren's Cravings: Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Chestnuts

With our Christmas orders now closed, so many of our customers have had the same thought we had: what do I have all of this with?! There are so many delicious side dishes to have at Christmas time, and when choosing a recipe, we knew that we had to feature one of our favourite vegetables: brussels sprouts. We know, contentious choice!

The John Gilmour Butchers team did a little bit of research – the internet is filled with thousands of incredible side dishes. Keeping to our support local theme, we’re featuring a brussels sprout recipe by a Scottish blogger who we absolutely love: Lauren’s Cravings!

Thank you so much to Lauren for letting us re-post your recipe.



- 500g brussel sprouts
- 180g cooked whole chestnuts (available from  
- 100g pancetta

1. Cook brussels sprouts in boiling salted water (I like mine al dente, as you still want a bit of ‘bite’ to the brussels sprouts rather than mush in my opinion)
2. Whilst they are cooking, add pancetta to a pan (no oil required) and begin to fry on medium/high heat to render the fat
3. Roughly chop whole chestnuts and add to pan to fry off for a few mins
4. Once cooked and drained, add brussels sprouts to pan and cook on high heat to add some colour and charring to them before serving

Simple! A quick tip from our team – it works perfectly with our virgina cured streaky bacon too. If you do make Lauren’s recipe, please share your creations and tag both Lauren’s handle @laurenscravings and ours @gilmour_butchers.

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