Partner Farms: Humbie Mill

At Gilmour Butchers, we support Scottish farmers. We see them as our partners in our mission to supply the public with the best sustainably farmed produce our great country has to offer. We have been working with some of our farm partners for over 40 years and over three generations of our family, we have built a supply chain of outstanding quality.

We often buy direct from farmers and like his father before him, John Gilmour visited his local St Boswells Livestock Mart every Monday to choose the very best himself for over 45 years. We take immense pride in supporting local farming communities and the surrounding rural economy.

We wanted to highlight our partner farms, like our East Lothian local farm Humbie Farm. 

'One of the reasons why we love selling the Hodge's cattle are that they are top of the line. They are healthy, the natural conditions that we get in Scotland and the amount of rainfall that we have produces some of the best grazing land in Europe or possibly the world. 

Humbie Farm is clean, beautiful, and produces consistent, beautiful cattle. This means a stunning texture, marbling, and flavour in the beef that we get from these cattle'. 

We are incredibly proud to support Humbie Farm and many other local farms like it. We have something special in Scotland and are incredibly proud to be a part of this industry.