Our Selection of New Products

We’ve definitely been busy in the last few weeks! Our butchers have been trailing loads of new recipes, and so many of them have been a huge success! Here’s a quick list of all the new items you’re now able to find on our website – lots of them are perfect for those summer barbecues.


Clicking on the titles will take you to each product page.

1.    Pork and Black Pudding Sausages + Pork and Black Pudding Burgers

These Gilmour Pork and Black Pudding sausages combine world class Ayrshire pork from Robertson’s with the award winning Hornigs black pudding. This is truly a match made in Heaven!!

Mark Ure our master burger and sausage maker takes great pride in every burger and sausage that leaves Gilmour’s. Mark’s recipe ensures that these sausages have a fantastic depth of flavour. This will make them a real hit on your BBQ.


2.    Pork and Chorizo Burgers

These aromatic Spanish-style burgers are the PERFECT addition to our range just in time for BBQ season!

This is the Gilmour take on a classic pork burger. Our Ayrshire pork from Robertson’s delivers a tasty, succulent alternative to traditional beef burger. We use premium chorizo which guarantees each burger is bursting with flavour. These thick & Juicy burgers are always a hit on the BBQ.


3.     35+ Dry-Aged Club Steak - 1 kg or 2x 500g

Our fabulous club steak has the most incredible creamy fat to be cooked and served on the bone. This beast of a steak is taken from the most tender beef on the animal, which promises exquisite eating. The high marbling in this cut caramelises beautifully when cooking, which, coupled with our state of the art Himalayan (dry age) maturation techniques, makes for an incredible end product. The Himalayan salt particles from the bricks help draw moisture from the meat and surrounding air and it soaks in to the beef itself, adding a tremendous depth of flavour. This steak is ideal for sharing (or on your own if you’re brave or hungry enough)! This is a real show stopper!


4.    Rolled Belly of Spring Lamb

Our Butchers have been getting creative and have come up with this gem of a dish. Spring Lamb belly rolled and stuffed with our own Sage and onion stuffing. Vac packed ready for Sous Vide (boil in the bag) or stick it in the slow cooker with some rich gravy. 

100% British Spring Lamb, Grass fed and free range - the best you can buy!


5.    Carnivore Barbecue Box

There's something satisfyingly primal about cooking a huge steak over hot coals. With this bundle you can release your inner cave person! 

1 x 35oz Dry aged Tomahawk steak 

1 x 32oz Popeseye steak

4 Racks Smokey BBQ Pork ribs


6.    Lamb and Mint Burgers

Packed with flavour, these Lamb & Mint burgers are made from the finest British Lamb. Perfect for Barbecue season!


7.    Hornigs Black Pudding 

Hornigs Black pudding in the traditional ring shape. 


8.    Vegetarian Haggis Bung

The Vegetarian haggis bung from hornigs. A great product in its own right but also ideal for those who are cutting their meat consumption or who have a vegetarian family member.