Lamb PGI Status

The Quality Meat Scotland assurance logos are a point of pride with John Gilmour Butchers. It means that our lamb has gone through the rigorous process – starting from the farm where the lamb was reared, to our own practices at the factory.

So, what does PGI mean? Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) defines it as:

‘The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) logo is your guarantee of a genuinely authentic product. Since 1996 Scotch Lamb has held the coveted European Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status which legally protects it from imitation by meat from out with Scotland or from products claiming Scotch status.

You can be sure that whenever you buy Scotch Lamb PGI that it’s the genuine article. It has been quality assured for its whole life in Scotland; the farm and processor has been independently audited to make sure they meet stringent requirements regarding animal welfare and natural production methods. This all means that the Scotch Lamb you buy is fully traceable back to its farm of origin’ (Quality Meat Scotland)

This is distinct from when the phrase Scottish Lamb is used, which simply means lamb that was reared in Scotland, and may not have the Scotch Lamb PGI assurance.

The Scotch Lamb PGI assurance covers the entire life of the animal, ranging from one livestock (Cattle and Sheep) scheme, to four non-livestock schemes. The four non-livestock schemes include Feeds, Haulage, Auction Market and Processor assurances. This means that the farm fulfils all PGI status criteria, the animal is fed per the PGI assurance, it is hauled, auctioned and processed per the assurances as well.

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