Hickory Food: Venison Steak Recipe

We love working with local businesses, and one of our favourite partners right on our doorstep is Hickory Food. Hickory specialise in corporate catering, weddings, and any other events you can think of. They use the best ingredients, and also aim to source their produce locally, with much their meat coming from John Gilmour Butchers.

They have kindly shared a recipe that’s perfect for St. Andrews Day, coming up soon on the 30th of November. We love using venison wherever we can – and ours is wild caught from a beautiful estate in the Highlands, often by Dan Gilmour himself!

We hope you enjoy this recipe, please share the results with us if you make it!



·       2 5oz venison haunch steaks

·       500ml good quality supermarket jus

·       1 glass of red wine

·       1 sprig of thyme

·       4 squares dark chocolate

·       1kg rooster potatoes, peeled

·       250g unsalted butter



1.      Place jus, wine and thyme in pot, add to hob and reduce by half or until syrupy.

2.     Stir in the chocolate.

3.     Heat pan until smoking, add oil, season venison and place in pan.

4.    Cook both sides for 4 minutes until the outside is caramelised, then place to one side and rest for 5 minutes.

5.    Place mash in centre of plate and slice venison into three. The venison should be pink in the middle, but if not, place under grill until cooked.

6.    Pour jus over and around plate and enjoy!

For more information on Hickory, please visit their website. To order your venison steaks, click here.