Gilmour Butchers Announces Expansion

We are delighted to announce that we will soon be breaking ground to our new East Lothian factory - which will house one of the UK's largest dry aging stations alongside offices, a retail shop and deli, and a factory. Thank you so much for the support that we have received!

Our new site will feature a dry aging station that will allow us to dry-age over 6,000 individual pieces of bone-in Sirloin and Ribeye at any given time, and will also allow us to expand our current hospitality and domestic offering. The new site as been made possible by our team's hard work, our community and client support, and funding that we have received from HSBC.

Dan Gilmour, our co-Managing Director says: “Growth is always exciting and, thanks to this funding, we’ll be able to fully embrace it by increasing our facilities and workforce. This will enable us to not only take on new clients, but service our existing clients to an exceptionally high level.”

Not only will this bring growth to our business but it will mean further employment opportunities from the local area.

We cannot wait to bring you further news in the coming months.