Freezing Meat: Is it okay?

We often get asked about the freezing options for our meats, and if we have any advice on how to best to do without compromising on the quality of meat.

First off – our meats are best enjoyed fresh. Whilst some meats do freeze very well, the quality will always be slightly affected. This may be almost imperceptible to many, but there will be a difference in texture.

This blog highlights the best ways to freeze meats, and best practice. Please note – this is only for meats that have not been previously frozen before. Re-freezing can be dangerous, so it should always be avoided.

Most meats can be safely frozen with minimal reduction in quality. Follow these instructions for safe freezing for all kinds of meats

1.     Wrap it in cling film or similar very tightly (another way to do this is by vac-packing as this will lead to best results)

2.      Ensure that there is no air under the wrapping, it is this air that causes burning or cross contamination with other items in your freezer

3.     Place the item in a second freezer bag or wrap once more before placing in the freezer

The majority of our meats are vac-packed to ensure freshness. This removes all the oxygen from the bag for a tight-fitting case that can be placed directly in the freezer. It also extends shelf-life in the fridge.