Check Out Our New Items

We’ve been busy over the last few months, adding a whole range of new items to our butchery website. We want to keep expanding and improving the selection of what we can deliver straight to your door. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve introduced - each link will take you to the relevant page!

1.    Picanha Steak

Cut from the rump cap with a nice layer of fat on top, these flavoursome steaks are a favourite of many of our chef customers. On offer right now for just £8.50 for two! 

2.    Gammon

Beautiful, succulent Ayrshire Scottish gammon joint, tied and oven-ready for a tasty Sunday roast. We love to baste it with honey and mustard for a crunchy, sweet crust.  

3.    Honey Roast Ham

Delicious sliced honey roast ham, perfect in a sandwich or a salad. Always a winner. Sourced from Robertson’s in Ayrshire, Scotland. Cut from the leg, and cooked in salt and honey for a lovely finish.  

4.    Guinea Fowl

A very underused and underappreciated game meat with fairly mild flavour, slightly gamier than chicken. 

We love it with Virginia cured streaky bacon, fried wild mushrooms and herb mashed potatoes. 

5.    Venison Sausages

Made to a secret Dan Gilmour recipe perfected over his time stalking on the hills. We use only the best wild venison from the Badenoch area in the Scottish Highlands mixed with real Canadian maple syrup. 

6.     Breakfast Boxes - Value Pack or Ultimate Pack 

We’ve brought together some of our favourite items for those big breakfasts. Choose between our Ultimate Breakfast Pack and our Value Breakfast Pack – each one including items from our range of meats, and some from our trusted local suppliers. 

7.    Haggis-Eye Lorne

4 slices of our famous steak lorne with Hornigs Haggis in the centre, the perfect combo? 

8.    Black-Eye Lorne

4 slices of our famous steak lorne with Hornigs black pudding in the centre, need we say more? 

9.    Haggis Bung

Classic Haggis, a Scottish delicacy. Can't have full Scottish breakfast without some haggis on the side. It's controversial, but our butchers think it’s delicious on pizza! 

10.  Beef and Whisky Sausages

Scotch Beef, Scotch Whisky and Hornigs haggis go into these sausages to make a proper Scottish sausage casserole or posh bangers and mash. (We won't judge if you have them for breakfast though). 

11.  Sweet Chilli Pork Sausages

These are a favourite of our butchers for their breakfast. You could have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight feast we won't judge!  

12.  Moroccan Beef Sausages

Our Lean steak mince mixed with Moroccan spices and seasonings. 

We like them with cous-cous, flatbread and tzatziki!