Championing Our Local Partners - A.J. Hornig

We know – we’ve droned on about the importance of buying local. Last week though, we did a quick social media post championing our haggis partner: AJ Hornig. This was so well received and we got so many wonderful comments about this great producer, so we thought we would tell you a little bit more.

We’ve worked with AJ Hornig for many years. Founded in 1901 (yes – 119 years ago!), they’re a local, high-quality business based in West Lothian. They manufacture products using their time-honoured family recipes but are innovating too and extending their product range. They now produce white pudding, red pudding, fruit pudding, and veggie haggis.

Our partnership with AJ Hornig was always simple. We pass on our trim and offal to them from our high-quality meat, and they turn it into the best haggis in Scotland. We’re proud to sell their products through our online store too. For sliced haggis, please click here. To purchase a whole haggis (as it is sold by weight), feel free to ring us on 01875 616 111.

Finally, AJ Hornig are just lovely people, and they’re a great laugh to work with. To best explain what kind of people they are, we thought we would highlight a snippet from their Facebook page:

‘Every year on April 1st, Haggis Season commences, running until the end of March. Haggis hunters of the world descend on Scotland to stalk these elusive, tasty creatures. Great Grandfather Hornig was a crackshot, hunting many of the wares sold in his Cowdenbeath butcher shop, est. 1901. His grandson, Andrew William, continued this family tradition as a renowned RAF marksman, going on to train his expert eye on the family business and only the best haggis after WWII. He opened the world's first Haggis and Black Pudding factory in 1960 with his brother Charlie, fortifying the Hornig hunger for quality and innovation, which lives on today; as enduring as the Haggis Hunt itself’. – AJ Hornig Ltd, Wild Haggis Hunters.

For more information on AJ Hornig or to view their full product range, click here