Certifications: PGI Status

We offer some of the highest quality meats in Scotland, and are certified by Quality Meats Scotland and other trading bodies across the UK. For customers though, we know that these certifications are often difficult to understand, so we thought we would break down some of the certifications in this new series of blogs. 

First up, PGI Status.

‘PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. It’s an EU scheme to protect and promote a high quality traditional and regional food product unique to a geographic area. Scotch Beef has long held this coveted PGI status. It is only sourced from selected Scottish farms that adopt best practice regarding animal welfare and production methods. When you see the PGI badge with Scotch Beef logo, you can be confident that all cattle were born, reared and processed in Scotland and hold whole life quality assurance.

Our farmers, butchers and chefs are the linchpin when it comes to producing always traceable, local and quality assured beef.’ – Make it Scotch

We at John Gilmour Butchers hold this coveted PGI Status and have done so for many years. We believe that it is the bedrock of high quality meat. In the next few blogs, we’ll drill down into the certifications and what they mean.

Citation: https://makeitscotch.com/scotch-beef/