British Pig Breeds - Saddleback

At John Gilmour Butchers, we pride ourselves on using a high percentage of British, mostly Scottish, pork. One of our key partners is East Fortune Farms, just around the corner from us in East Lothian.

They breed the highest quality Saddleback Pigs that we have found. In this blog, we’ll explore a bit about this breed and what makes them special.

The Breed

The Breed was made by merging two distinct kinds of saddlebacks, the Essex and the Wessex. This was due to the decline in numbers in the middle of the 20th century.

Physically, this breed is a large one, and docile. They forage easily, which makes the breed excellent for breeding outdoors. They’re hardy, often black in colour with a white saddle.

This breed has been exported around the world, however, must be bred in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland to be eligible for the herd book.

The Meat

The British Saddleback pig is known for both pork and bacon. The meat produced is high in amino acids and protein. These pigs have taken longer to mature, and their high fat content ensures a deeper, richer flavour. 




Photo Credit: East Fortune Farm