Best Ever Beef Stock

There’s nothing quite like homemade beef broth – nothing like stock from a cube or bought from a supermarket. We wanted to pass on some of our tips for creating some incredible beef broth at home.

We make ours with oxtail, which we think brings out the meatiest flavour. This can be substituted of course with many kinds of beef on the bone – each of them bringing their own flavour profile and fat content to the recipe. The measurements vary, depending on how much stock you're making. Our golden rule is to always ensure that the water covers the ingredients when boiling.


-       Oxtail

-       Two carrots

-       Three stalks of celery

-       Two chopped tomatoes

-       Bouquet Garni (a little parcel of thyme, whole black peppers, garlic cloves and bay leaves wrapped in muslin)



-       Roast the oxtail bones – 180c for about thirty minutes

-       Trans bones to a pot and cover with cold water (the cold water solidifies the fat and most of it should float to the top, you can then remove it)

-       Bring beef and marrow bones to the boil first, turn down to simmer and skim the fat as it comes to the top.

-       Once most of the fat has been skimmed, add the remainder of your ingredients

-       Bring to a rolling boil, skimming any more fat off the top

-       After 2-3 hours, drain (while retaining all the stock!) pick meat off the oxtail and add back to the stock. Add veg back in (optional) and season with salt and black pepper to taste.