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Reflections on the BBC Good Food Show

Nov 10 2015

Reflections on the BBC Good Food Show.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week, we attended the BBC Good Food Show at the SECC in Glasgow. It was a great event and shows the desire there is in Scotland for great locally sourced artisan products. As a supplier, it is heartening to see other suppliers who are in the same boat as you are and often fighting the same battles.

Meeting members of the public is always a good way to test how your products are being received and last week proved no different. We were thrilled to see their responses to our dry aged beef. It’s always an eye opener for someone who has not seen the process before, but we were glad it was well received. Dry aged beef is in a different league to wet aged for so many reasons, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Perhaps the biggest success for us over the weekend was the Tomahawk steaks. As always, we had put aside some really special 6 bone ribs to offer to the foodies at the show and we managed to sell out. One of the Tomahawk’s biggest fans was James Martin, of Saturday Kitchen Live, who bought and cooked one live on stage.